‘You Will Never Get Infinite Warfare 2’ Says Ex-Call of Duty Dev



It’s no secret that Infinity Ward’s last Call of Duty release didn’t exactly go down as planned. Infinite Warfare was a Sci-Fi tinged shooter that tried to do something different with the franchise, but left the majority of fans cold. 

The reveal trailer for the game was – at the time – the most disliked gaming video on YouTube, though Infinite Warfare did manage to come out as one of the best selling games of 2016.

You will NEVER get Infinite Warfare 2.

— Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) February 4, 2019

Despite this, it seems Activision has decided a sequel to such a divisive title wouldn’t be worth the risk. At least, that’s what Robert Bowling, a former Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward seems to think.

Bowling – who currently works for EA – replied to a fan on Twitter, telling them we’ll “NEVER” get Infinite Warfare 2. Bad news for those who genuinely enjoyed the title, I’ve no doubt.

While Bowling didn’t elaborate as to exactly why we’ll never see another game with the Infinite Warfare title, I’d imagine it does come down to sales. Despite beating out most of the competition in 2016, Infinite Warfare is still one of the lowest selling Call of Duty titles ever.

Still, even if Bowling is no longer with Infinity Ward, it seems he’s still privy to some of what’s going on at the studio. He went on to claim that the next COD will be a “modern shooter”, which lines up with the reports that it might be a new Ghosts or Modern Warfare. Probably the latter.

You’re getting a Modern shooter this year, don’t worry.

— Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) February 4, 2019

It’d certainly be a smart – if somewhat safe – move for Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty game to be something they know is gonna pull in a crowd. Clearly they’re aware that futuristic shooting isn’t really what people want from COD right now, at any rate.

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