Tom Brady Presents Mike Vrabel With A Tiny Condescending Trophy To Commemorate Titans Victory Of The Patriots Last Season

Jim Rogash/Getty Image

Ah, athletes being human beings just like us, I don’t know why I love it, but I won’t stop.

Three Super Bowl victories have bonded Titans head coach Mike Vrabel and Tom Brady together over nearly two decades and they’d be damned to let a little worthless joint practice get in the way of some long overdue bonding.

Tom Brady responding to Mike Vrabel chirping at him to quit walking on the field:

“Pay attention to your own shit” 😂

— Casey Baker – New Account :/ (@_CaseyBaker) August 14, 2019

Today, Brady upped the ante by bringing in a congratulatory trophy for Vrabel to commemorate the Titans walloping the Patriots in mid-November of last season, 34-10. As a Patriots fan who has seen his team persevere year after year, this loss was the first real time I thought that the dynasty was doomed. I was wrong haha!!

Tom Brady came out to practice this morning and handed @Titans coach Mike Vrabel a small trophy 🏆 with the score of last year’s game on it (Titans 34, @Patriots 10) on it. Old buddies still having a little fun with one another.

— Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports) August 15, 2019

Here is a glimpse of Vrabel relishing the condescending award.

A day after Mike Vrabel’s 44th birthday and Patriots rookies sang happy birthday to him, Tom Brady shares a gift.

Per @jwyattsports, the small trophy Brady handed Vrabel had the score of last year’s game — #Titans 34, #Patriots 10 — on it.

Photo by @GeorgeWalkerIV:

— Erik Bacharach (@ErikBacharach) August 15, 2019

Would @TomBrady ever want to coach against @CoachVrabel50? “Hell no!”

And Tom on his “trophy presentation” for Vrabel this morning #Titans #Patriots

— AtoZSports Nashville (@AtoZSports) August 15, 2019

Vrabel spoke to the media today and said trash-talking with Brady began on March 15, 2001, the first day the offspring program started, and hasn’t let up since.

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