This Comedian Imitating James Harden, Air-Crossing And Scaring People At Target, Is Too Funny

@HoHighlights “Y’know I can kick you out for that.”

Lamb Stew 🍜 (@spider_graphics) March 07, 2019


Los Brongeles (die-hard sixers or bucks fan) (@LeBiggums) March 07, 2019

@TheHoopCentral I got like halfway through the replies and I haven’t seen anything about traveling yet. Twitter is getting soft 😂

DJ Clark (@djl_clark) March 07, 2019

That is true.

@TheHoopCentral Smh all that for no calls??? Where the fouls at ref?

KingofMars90 (@blairzeevo99) March 07, 2019

@TheHoopCentral This is the father Kevin Hart was talking about that drives a mini van with a big ass door on it. H……

  (@Khalivius) March 07, 2019

It gets funnier every time

— Ashley (@TheAshleyChaves) March 7, 2019

It really does.

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