‘Stranger Things’ Creators Break Down The Show’s Most Iconic Moments And LOL Even They Hated Barb

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You know what they call this time of the year? The dogs days of summer.

The sun is high and the days are long. Depending on where you live in our fine country, it’s just too fucking hot outside. The year is at its spiritual halfway point and the grind of work is beginning to wear thin.

Luckily for you, it’s Friday and the weekend is essentially here if you’re crafty enough with your bathroom breaks and tab-switching skills. With just enough creativity and commitment to lethargy, you’re only a couple of emails away from being the weekend warrior you were destined to be.

And what better way to kill the last 30 minutes of your work week than watching the creators of Stranger Things break down the show’s most iconic moments? Seems like the perfect time waster to me.

Breaking down all of the hit series biggest moments from season one to season three, the insight the Duffer Brothers provide is a must-watch for any fan of the massive Netflix sci-fi.

Arguably the best moment of the clip is when they discuss the Barb scene and how the character actually lasted longer than she was originally supposed to (which is hilarious, considering that she was essentially the first major character to be offed):

“She’s abandoned by Nancy and then she meets her end at the top of episode three. Barb actually made it further and longer than she was supposed to make it. In the original pilot that sold to Netflix, Barb met her end at the end of the first episode… She’s gonna haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Just truly comical that a character who’s known for getting the raw end of the deal was actually supposed to somehow get a rawer deal.

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