Some Guy Accidentally Swallowed An AirPod And He Could Hear It Working In His Stomach

But he went to Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital where medics confirmed he had swallowed the AirPod.

Take a wild guess how he got it back?

If you said take a laxative and hope for it to pass through his digestive system then you came up with the same plan of action that Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital did.

The good (?) news for Ben Hsu is that he managed to avoid having to have the AirPod surgically removed when he passed the earbud the next day.

The bad (?) news is that he fished it out of, ummm, the toilet, and after washing it, he discovered that it still worked.

“The battery was still at 41 percent! It was incredible,” said Hsu, who also called the Apple product “magical.”

Guess Apple wasn’t lying.

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