Scary Nun At Restaurant Tries To Be Terrifying But It Backfires Massively


the nun restaurantViralHog

Some people really would do anything for attention, including dressing up as a scary nun at a restaurant.

While Roberto Da Matta Filgueiras from Muriaé, Brazil, was enjoying a meal at his local diner earlier this month, he spotted the nun sitting at a table nearby.

Dressed in the traditional outfit, the nun had painted their face a ghostly white completing the look by coating their lips and eyes with heavy black make-up.

Honestly, it is so cliche it is beyond boring. Where are people’s imaginations these days?!?

the nun restaurantViralHog

Just making the whole situation even more lame, the nun was clearly attempting to terrify restaurant goers by intensely staring at them while munching on a burger.

Unfortunately for the nun, they were concentrating so hard on glaring at other people they hilariously accidentally shoved a straw up their nose while having a drink. I am sure some would say they had it coming!

To be honest I kinda feel bad about being harsh now as I have done this multiple times, although not dressed as a nun!

You can watch footage of the fail Robert managed to capture on camera here:

When Robert posted the video on his Facebook page, it quickly went viral receiving an astonishing 14 million views and 222,000 shares at time of writing (September 16).

This is especially impressive because Robert only shared the video four days ago!

So while it didn’t exactly go the way they probably expected, the nun ended up getting what they wanted in the end being noticed by the world.

The Nun poster headerWarner Bros.

Plenty of people have actually been dressing up as scary nuns recently to play pranks on others, inspired by the release of The Nun.

The latest film in The Conjuring Universe follows a Roman Catholic priest and a nun in her novitiate as they investigate a death in Romania.

Unfortunately for the pair their investigation takes a turn as they uncover a holy secret that means they must confront an evil force.

You can watch the trailer for the horror film here:

Unfortunately for The Nun while it was a commercial success, it did nun-thing for critics receiving appalling reviews.

Receiving one star from The Guardian, a very unimpressed Peter Bradshaw wrote:

This tedious prequel follows a team of clerics to Romania, where they unexpectedly encounter every cliche in the book.

There isn’t a genuinely frightening or interesting moment here. This is a film abjectly reliant on cliched soundtrack stabs and earthbound jump-scares.

The Nun poster headerWarner Bros. Pictures

Katie Rife, reviewing the film for The AV Club, was equally cold about the film writing:

But although the violence is the most graphic of all the movies in the franchise so far, there’s nothing in this film that’s nearly as suspenseful as the horror sequences in The Conjuring, or even in its sequel.

If you lose your breath during this movie, it’ll probably be from laughter.

The critics are definitely nun too happy about the movie so maybe it is one to miss…

The Nun is out in UK and US cinemas now.

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