Post Malone Touched World’s Most Haunted Object And It Could Explain His Bad Luck


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Post Malone is lucky to be alive. That’s a fact.

You might be thinking, ‘aren’t we all?’, and I guess that’s true. Everyday we cheat death – whether it’s by walking across a busy street or wolfing down a large hot dog. We’re always just one bad decision away from being pummelled into the pavement by a bus or choking to death in a fast-food chain. Yikes.

But what I mean is, Post Malone is very lucky to be alive.

Just weeks ago a plane that he was on was forced to crash land with no tyres after they blew out on takeoff. Luckily the landing was pretty straightforward but still. Flying around thousands of feet above the ground, trying to burn up as much fuel as possible to ensure you’re not all engulfed in a fiery inferno of death when you hit the ground isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

Post Malone lands perfectly in the most anti-climatic ending to his plane saga

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) August 21, 2018

Evading a death like that once is scary enough, but just weeks later he was involved in a serious car crash – and yet again he was able to stroll away unharmed. How? I don’t know. But why is probably a more interesting way for this article to go.

Shortly after his crash, Malone acknowledged the accident, tweeting ‘god must hate me lol’, but his fans and conspiracy theorists have other ideas.

Post Malone after surviving a car accident

— L☹VE (@digitaItears) September 9, 2018

In the aftermath of his death scares, Twitter has been electric with theories – namely that the Illuminati or even a hitman are trying to take out Mr Post.

One person ominously replied:

it’s not that he hates you it’s just that the illuminati is taking YOU out next

Another commented:

are you sure you’re not being targeted by the illuminati?!

Another added their family was getting caught up in the conspiracies, writing:

My sister already thinks the Illuminati are trying to kill Post Malone.

Another wrote:

They’re trying to kill off Post Malone as we speak

However now, TMZ has obtained a video which reveals the real reason Post Malone is dancing with death.

Months before the plane scare, the car crash, and the home invasion, Post was hanging out with none other than Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures.

Post, reportedly, had a few beers and was getting a bit freaked out – namely because they were in a room with an object known as ‘the world’s most haunted’ – which was the main source of inspiration for the film The Possession.

The object is called the dybbuk box. Dybbuk being Yiddish for ‘malicious spirit’. There’s a long story behind the box but long story short it is believed that the box contains a restless spirit. The box has been bought and sold many times – its owners all reporting terrifying occurrences which only began happening after obtaining the box.

Things such as enduring terrifying nightmares for weeks on end, coughing up blood, getting hives from head to toe, and noticing a smell of cat urine.

After being passed about for years, the box was eventually donated to Zak’s museum which is when Post came into contact with it.

Zak took the protective case off the box and claims that he felt possessed to touch the box. Post was terrified but for some reason he touched Zak, as Zak was touching the haunted box. Apparently because Post was for a moment somewhat connected to the box that is enough to warrant a curse of sorts.

Zak thoroughly believes that this is the reason for Malone’s recent string of death defiance. What do you think?

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