Pete Holmes Says Artie Lange Was ‘Coming Undone’ By The End Of ‘Crashing’ TV Show

The former Howard Stern Show sidekick would appear in 11 of the show’s 24 episodes until the series was canceled by HBO and the final episode aired on March 10, 2019. Holmes remembers how Artie was not well by the end of Crashing.

Holmes said filming the last scene of the series finale with Lange at New York City’s iconic Comedy Cellar was “a little bit sad.” Holmes said that “Artie was sort of coming undone by that point.”

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“It’s not to say that he’s leaving Artie, but there’s sort of this hint of like, well now maybe he’ll go this direction,” Holmes says of his Crashing character. “So that sort of broke my heart a little bit to see that image. That was heavy for me.”

Holmes said that there have been discussions of a Crashing movie. “And I was like, I don’t know what the movie would be,” Holmes says, “but if there’s one thing that would be interesting to me it would be that story for Artie.”

Holmes said that Artie “wants to get well” and he believes that after seeing what Lange went through that addiction is a “straight-up disease.”

“I think he’s clean now, he’s been in rehab,” Holmes said of Lange. Sadly, on Tuesday, Lange was arrested by the Essex County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey for violating his probation during his drug court program.

Lange, Holmes and Apatow demonstrated their chemistry they had together when they were promoting Crashing on the Jim and Sam Show in 2017.

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