People Are Calling For Prawn Cocktail Wotsits To Make A Comeback


People Are Calling For Prawn Cocktail Wotsits To Make A Comeback wotsits 1dzzzny/Twitter

Please forgive my ignorance, I was blissfully unaware that Wotsits ever came in different flavours other than the gloriously cheesy original.

Like most of the best snacks, Wotsits are just so more-ish. A whole pack disappears, its orange remnants thickly coated on your fingers, and you think ‘I could all that again no problem’.

But no, it seems The People want another flavour to make a long overdue comeback. And who are we to deny The People?

Wotsits have toyed with other flavours in the past, from BBQ to Really Cheesey, but it seems none has made such an impression as the humble Prawn Cocktail.

One person who’s got a Prawn Cocktail Wotsit craving so bad they thought they’d start a petition to bring them back, is Yasmin Morgan.

Writing on, she said:

Bring back prawn cocktail wotsits. They are a dead brand who need to be revived, they are the best crisps that were made in the UK. Together we can make Britain great again!

If prawn flavoured crisps doesn’t make a nation great, I don’t know what does.

She’s not alone, either. So far, over 650 people have signed the petition.

One philosophical person wrote:

because what is life without them its like a tree without leaves wotsits need the prawn cocktailness [sic]

While others were simpler in their reasons for wanting to bring the snack back:

They were amazing!

I’m signing because these were the best treats ever

Love these totally forgot these existed

Feel like pure shit just want her back x

— Dan (@dzzzny) August 15, 2018

While others dream of snacks gone by, it’s nice to see a hungry member of the public doing something about it for once.

And, if you’re a real crisp aficionado, how does a Christmas dinner made entirely of crisps sound? Pretty darn delish, I know.

Super-cool Soho based ‘crisps and dip café’ Hipchips are now offering their unique take on Christmas dinner – completely made up of luxury, hand-crafted crisps and special seasonal dips.

I know it’s early to be thinking about Christmas, but it’s never too early for Crisp-mas.

The crisp café has all your crisp needs covered, with popular dip flavours including Beetroot & Lemongrass Marmalade, Smokey Cheese Fondue, Picked Red Onion and Chocolate Salty Caramel Cheesecake.

‘Absolutely loved it! Delicious #crisps, amazing #dips and really nice staff. Will definitely be going back!’ #Review

— Hipchips (@wearehipchips) November 30, 2017

They use a specialist range of potatoes to lovingly craft their crisps, including Shetland Black, Red Duke of York and Pink Fur Apple, with each spud apparently having its own signature taste and virtues.

According to the Hipchips website:

Potatoes haven’t always been so dull. Or yellow. The humble spud was once a very different beast. Tastier. Knobblier. More colourful.

We’ve been digging around to find the best heritage varieties, serving them up delicately fried alongside our mind-blowing dips.

Who knew tatties could be so fancy? The crisps themselves are cooked fresh on the premises, and really are a cut above the rest.

The only question now is, do they do prawn cocktail? If not, I’m starting a petition right now.

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