Nothing To See Here, Just $75 Million Corner Josh Norman Playing Chicken With A Bull

Redskins CB Josh Norman is out here JUMPING OVER bulls in Pamplona 😧

— ESPN (@espn) July 11, 2019

Norman, who has been with the Redskins since he was released from the Carolina Panthers in 2016, posted about his bull-jumping experience on Instagram, saying that it was “crazy”.

“I had to face the bull straight on. It was fun. It was worth it. It was really worth it,” Norman told his 378,000 Instagram followers.

The Washington Redskins — and Josh Norman, if he manages to make it out of Spain in one piece — are set to report to training camp on Thursday, July 25, before kicking off their 2019-20 season on Sunday, September 8 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

A Single Picture can say a Thousand words in 1! with that being said, This picture does that number NO JUSTICE. I would start with 💯THOUSAND!!!! as the basement floor! & Elevate from there. 🇪🇸#Feedingthespiritthatliesinthedepths#OneoftheGreatestdayeverinmylifetime

— *Joshua R. Norman (@J_No24) July 10, 2019

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