NBA Conspiracy Theorists Believe Agent Rich Paul Steered Marcus Morris Away From Signing $41 Million Deal With Clippers So That He Wouldn’t Face LeBron James

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Earlier this week Marcus Morris fired agent Rich Paul after he backed out of a deal with the Spurs to a sign for more money with the Knicks.

Reporting with @MarcJSpearsESPN: Free agent Marcus Morris — who committed to a two-year, $20M Spurs deal w/ player option — is re-considering agreement. Morris is now considering a free agent deal with Knicks, who’ll have additional cap space with reworking of Bullock deal.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) July 9, 2019

Marcus Morris has been frustrated by what he thought would be a stronger market for him this summer, source familiar with his situation told @SInow. Knicks can offer a higher salary for next season, while hitting free agency again in 2020.

— Chris Mannix (@SIChrisMannix) July 9, 2019

According to a source, Marcus Morris and Nerlens Noel have fired agent Rich Paul.

— Stefan Bondy (@SBondyNYDN) July 13, 2019

According to a report by NY Dailly News’ Stefan Bondy Morris turned down a larger deal from the Clippers before settling with the Knicks.

NY Daily News

Morris, according to a source, turned down a three-year, $41 million offer from the Clippers before pivoting to the Spurs and, eventually, the Knicks. After being rejected by Morris, the Clippers used that space to acquire Moe Harkless and absorb his $11.5 million salary via trade.

NBA conspiracy theorists believed Rich Paul steered Morris away from the Clippers so that he wouldn’t face LeBron James out west.

Rich Paul didn’t want Marcus Morris to join the Clippers, because it seems his entire professional existence hinges on making LeBron James happy.

Morris would have helped the Clippers.

— Dee4Three (@Dee4Three84) July 15, 2019

We gonna talk about how rich Paul snaked Marcus Morris and it has lebron written all over it.. personally think bron didn’t want him on the clippers

— BrightSide 🕉 Rob (@Swaggy_B_2) July 15, 2019

Yo, this is a BIG yikes. Makes you wonder what Rich Paul told him about his market for Marcus Morris to turn this down.

— Justin Russo (@FlyByKnite) July 14, 2019

LeBron runs clutch…. clippers and Lakers were both in on kawhi, Marcus is the LeBron stopper, klutch steered him elsewhere.

— Daniel Young (@daniely7) July 14, 2019

Rich Paul kept Marcus Morris from signing with the Clippers 😂

— Stew. (@stewpfg) July 15, 2019

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