More Than 60 Best Tattoo Designs For Men in 2018

Once again it’s time to take a look at the latest designs for 2018 mens tattoo trends. After talking with many artist we have found that minimal tattoos are gaining popularity, as for placements, hands and fingers are quickly becoming the most popular locations. At the other end of the spectrum, demand for large tattoos including full sleeves and back pieces is also increasing. Many artist report that photo-realistic, black and grey and geometric black work are trending at the moment.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in and take a look at some tattoo ideas from the great artists around the world. Enjoy.

By Shun Tattoo

Skull, portrait & doves
By Dode Pras

Realistic Owl
By Andrey Stepanov

Broken glass portrait
By Ben Kaye

Forever Young, neon sign
By Sam Barber

VW Beetle Car Tattoo
By Ben Thomas

Foo dog leg sleeve

Church window & portrait merged
By Harrison Daniel

Snake & Skulls
By Michal Ledwig

By Allen Brunn

Headdresses & war paint
By Jumilla Olivares

Julius Caesar, lion, colosseum & gladiator
By Kir Tattoo

Shall We?
By Damian Gorski

Geometric shapes merged with portrait
By Arlo DiCristina

Gangster girls
By Fábio S Guerreiro

Wolf chest
By Dylan Weber

Music portrait
By Lena ART

Face mask abstract piece
By Nic Westfall

Space sleeve with vivid colors
By Andrew Smith

Nazi Zombie, Call of Duty
By Franky Lozano

Religious sleeve
By Shine

Wave hand tattoo
By Phil Garcia

City merged with girl's face
By Alex Pancho

Architecture skull
By Beny Pearce

Trippy magic mushrooms
By Steve Butcher

Lotus Flower Chakra
By Fabio Fantozzi

By Teodor Milev

Tom and Jerry
By Steven Compton

Tiger, lion, clock & portrait sleeve
By Sergey Shanko

Skull, men's back
By Matthew James

By Gunnar V

Tutankhamun leg sleeve
By Dode Pras

Hourglass, space & church window chest tattoo
By Jesse Rix

Gas mask hand tattoo
By Luka Lajoie

By Jurgis Mikalauskas

All-seeing eye
By Yomicoart

Eye & clock fused
By Matias Noble

Harry Houdini leg piece
By Andrew Mcleod

Devil woman
By Brandon Herrera

Egyptian style forearm
By Glendalebully

Burning candles
By Sandry Riffard

Cozy Cone Motel

Unicorn skeleton, lantern front piece
By Konstanze K

Portrait of a lady, wolf & rose
By Fame One

Geometric dotwork
By Devx Ruiz

By Brian Povak

Geometric, black ink sleeve
By Eddie Risley

Royal Eagle
By Johnny Domus

Clouded leopard
By Kat Abdy

Abstract portrait

Heart & Viking axes
By Josh Hurrell

Traditional style red rose
By Dustin Stemen

Animal leg
By Greg Nicholson

Skull wine & grapes
By Evan Olin & Phil Garcia

Wolf, Bear & Lantern
By Alex Pinna

Mad Max: Fury Road
By Dayton Ohio

Man turning into wolf
By Gonzalo Muñiz

Filigree Neck Cover Up
By Aaron Della Vedova

All Seeing Eye
By Jake Ross

Skeleton Reaper
By James Strickland

Warbird Eagle
By Henry Lewis

Brain & Heart
By Dayton Ohio

Creepy Pope
By James Strickland

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