Massive 15-Foot, 1,300-Pound Crocodile Finally Captured After Being Hunted By Authorities For A Decade

It’s hard to really wrap your mind around how massive this prehistoric creature is without looking at the pictures and video:

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

According to FOX News, park rangers and authorities have been trying to trap this 15-foot crocodile for nearly a decade. Ranger John Burke said “We’ve called it a lot of things over the years because it’s been so hard to catch. On record, this is the biggest saltwater crocodile removed from the Katherine management zone.”

I’ve never been fortunate enough to visit Australia’s Northern Territories but I just spent a considerable amount of time scouring Instagram for pictures of this croc and I have to say that it looks like one of the most gorgeous places on planet earth. See for yourself, check out this @ausoutbacknt Instagram account.

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