Marvel Fans Are Losing Their Sh*t, And Making Memes, About How Calmly Tom Holland Seems To Be Taking The Spider-Man News

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Every lads dream. Courtesy of @wiresonly. Thanks boss man.

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Thaaaaaaaaat’s not really what fans of Spider-Man and the MCU are looking for from the man in the middle of the chaos.

Granted, the photo may have a ridiculous 6.56 million likes so far, but Tom… how about giving the people something, you know, Spider-Man-related?

everyone: crying because spider mans out of the mcu
tom holland: got a new car

— angele (@spxceblake) August 21, 2019

Sony: *takes away partnership with Marvel*

Tom Holland: *posts pic of him in a car and acts like nothing happened*

Us wanting answers:

— Chelsea Adams (@chelsmadams) August 21, 2019

stan twitter: tom holland:

I’m in my mum’s
car, vroom vroom

— luisa (@tonystrnge) August 21, 2019

Tom Holland casually posting about his cars on Instagram while his literal role as an MCU character is being jeopardized is the equivalent of that picture of the little girl with the burning house in the background.

— ☻ (@IRLButtercup_) August 21, 2019


meanwhile Tom Holland: evErY LadS dReam. a cAr. LoOk

— ‘mina ✮ ⋆ ⋆ (@cheffsliffs) August 21, 2019

literally everyone: NOOOO SPIDERMAN :(((

tom holland: i love car

— tabitha (@banditostark) August 21, 2019

Everyone: *freaking out about spider man’s mcu end”
Tom Holland: look at my car guys 😜🤙🏼

— Ali (@Petal_locket37) August 21, 2019

everyone’s upset and fighting but then there’s tom holland casually posting a pic of himself in a car on insta like nothing’s going on sdfhjjkk

🌙 (@maryyeols) August 21, 2019

everyone on the internet is freaking out about Spider-Man and this fool, tom holland, posts a car flex on instagram… i can’t stand that good looking man

— lauren (@lauren_fxith) August 21, 2019

All this Spiderman mess is going on and Tom Holland is out here posting about cars 😂

— Matty Jiles (@mattyatthedisco) August 21, 2019

Tom Holland posting a pic of him driving around in a cool car on Instagram while all the Spider-Man / Sony / Marvel drama is happening is the wholesome anxious chaotic energy I need from him during this difficult time

— Will Lane (@willlane1997) August 21, 2019

tom holland really said fuck sony look at my car

— dan (@ironmanstrilogy) August 21, 2019

Is that really what Tom Holland is saying in that photo? Because I, I mean, all of the Marvel fans would really like to know.

@TomHolland1996 get out of ur fancy instagram car and tell us what the heck is going on honey

— maggie o’connor (@maggie_oc7) August 21, 2019


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