Kevin Smith Tells The Story Of How Seth Rogen Turned Him On To Weed


In a video for Rivit TV’s pilot “Hollyweed,” Smith recalls how Rogen turned him on to cannabis and completely transformed his creative life. Smith met Rogen while making Zack and Miri Make a Porno, but they never smoked weed together until the very last day of production. This was an eye-opening experience for Smith. The Clerks director remembered how Rogen blasted the stereotype of stoners being lazy because Seth was working on so many projects and was fantastic during filming.

Smith started smoking regularly at the age of 38-years-old and says kids shouldn’t toke up or should anyone who will use the drug as an excuse to be unproductive. Now, Smith admits he is a “massive stoner” who wakes and bakes and even goes to bed stoned, but he has one rule for smoking weed — when he tokes up he must be doing something productive or creative such as writing or doing a podcast. Smith has credited his recent productivity on weed because he wants marijuana, but to enjoy it he must be productive.

His doctor even credited marijuana for saving his life when he suffered a massive heart attack last February. Kevin Smith definitely has a positive outlook on marijuana and the benefits towards being creative, but recognizes that there are pitfalls as well.

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