Johnny Manziel’s New CFL Coach Laughed When Asked If JFF Might Start The First Game Of The Season

Jones’ response? He laughed at the question and said, “Absolutely, absolutely.”

When the reporter tried to follow up, all he could get out was, “So there’s no scenario that…” before Jones cut him off with a “No.”

Jones did speak on what he’d like to see from JFF during the first preseason game, saying, “That’s going to be fun to watch. For you guys and for me. Cuz I think he knows, but some things, and I think he’s still feeling his way on others, but he’s a football player and he makes plays.”

Damn right, he does!

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So, there you go, it looks like Johnny Canada’s #COMEBACKSZN will be getting off to slightly delayed start once the real CFL games start being played.

Side note: Isn’t Tiger-Cats kind of redundant? I mean, a tiger is a cat. It’s not like there are any tiger-dogs or tiger-giraffes. You weird, Canada.

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