Joaquin Phoenix Breaks Down How He Developed His Version Of The Iconic Joker Laugh

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Worldwide. Oct. 4th 2019 #joker

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Plus, if there’s anyone in Hollywood that can possibly attempt to fill Heath Ledger’s massive shoes (yes, I’m pretending Jared Leto’s version doesn’t exist — I suggest you do the same), it’s Joaquin Phoenix.

In fact, Phoenix himself recently provided insight into how he’s made the character his own, including how he crafted his own version of the Joker’s iconic cackle.

“I started [with the laugh],” Phoenix explained. “I watched videos of people suffering from pathological laughter, a neurological disorder that makes individuals laugh uncontrollably.” [Il Vernerdi magazine via Comic Book Resource]

Joker, which features Phoenix as failed comedian Arthur Fleck in the 1981 Gotham City, also stars Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, and Frances Conroy.

‘Joker’ is set to be released in theaters in the United States on Friday, October 4.

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