It’s Back-To-School Time And These ‘Freshman Vs. Senior’ Memes Are A Stark Reminder Of Student Life

Night before first day of freshman year: Ok I have my backpack, notebooks, color coded folders, pencils, pens…

Night before first day of senior year: Ok I have one piece of .7 lead…

— sydnee allen (@sydnee_allen) August 28, 2018

freshman yr: mom i need 4 spiral notebooks, 7 composition notebooks, 3 red pens, and 9 #2 pencils
sophomore yr: mom i need 2 notebooks and a pencil
junior yr: this half used notebook from last will do
senior yr: aye can i borrow a pen and paper

— saba (@s_arianpour) August 27, 2018

Freshman year: buys books one month in advance and makes map of where my classes are.

Senior year: don’t know which classes I have tomorrow let alone what books I need for them

— Codester 🏳️‍🌈 (@codyscollective) August 27, 2018

me going into freshman year of college vs me going into senior year

— Fi (@fiiimurr) August 28, 2018

Freshman year: prints schedule, finds classes a week in advance, and puts on a new outfit for their first day

Senior: Throws phone out of anger when alarm goes off, hasn’t even see where there Class is, and wears jeans that have a stain from taco Tuesday last week

— Charlotte M. Hudnall (@Miss_Chud) August 28, 2018

Example: How you feel about your grades then and now…

freshman year goals: make straight A’s!!!!

senior year goals:

— Janelle Valmeo (@janellavee) August 28, 2018

Example: How much your appearance may have changed…

How to spot a college freshman vs a senior:

Freshmen don’t look like they just rolled out of bed and came to class.
A senior does.

— ➵ Kelby Greene (@kelbygreene) August 27, 2018

Freshman year vs senior year

🔮 (@Jewelya1313) August 26, 2018

Example: How your social circle has changed in four years…

freshman year: 100 friends

sophomore year: 50 friends

junior year: 10 friends

senior year: 2 friends

— Student Problems (@studentsstrikes) August 27, 2018

Example: How you feel about school by the time you are a senior in college…

me preparing for senior year of high school: color-coded notebooks for each class, 85 pens and pencils, highlighters I’ll never use, outfit picked out 7 days in advance

me preparing for senior year of college: I think I have a used crayon from 2nd grade I can probably write with

— sarah 🌻 (@sarah_madaus) August 27, 2018

Also, there’s this…

i start senior year tomorrow and im significantly dumber now than i was as a freshman

— the hamburgler (@lexipro_) August 19, 2018

Get used to it, sister. It only gets worse from there.


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