Here’s Mike Tyson Smoking The Biggest Joint You’ve Ever Seen, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

But this life of legalization is still pretty foreign to me and watching Mike Tyson smoke a 2-foot-long joint the size of a deer’s leg is pretty damn entertaining. Here’s the clip of Tyson smoking the longest damn joint I’ve ever seen on YouTube and Instagram, so you can choose which video format you’d prefer:

Instagram Photo

I love how many cameras are in this man’s face as he’s smoking a joint, and the completely egregious waste of weed here. There’s absolutely NO WAY that Tyson finished that joint. Maybe he passed it around and let everyone in the room take a turn but that doesn’t seem very likely. And I don’t know about you but when I’m smoking that herb hits me hard and fast. The last thing I want when smoking a joint larger than 99.99% of steamroller pipes in the world is for a thousand cameras in my face to be clicking and flashing.

If you need more of Mike Tyson smoking weed, here he is getting lifted with Joe Rogan:

Instagram Photo

Tyson was seen smoking this joint at a recent weed festival held by BREALTV, a network founded by B-Real of Cypress Hill. Mike’s also got weed-themed music festival coming up on February 23rd. The Kind Music Festival will be held in Desert Hot Springs, CA and feature musical acts from Miguel, Ferg, Starcrawler, and more.

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