Harrison Ford Gave The Perfect Answer When Asked Who Should Be The Next Indiana Jones

That is the correct answer.

Man, I love Harrison Ford. pic.twitter.com/JQ6HY3lyk3

— Tanooki Joe™ (@TanookiKuribo) May 24, 2019

There has been speculation that Chris Pratt could be the next Indiana Jones. But it appears that Ford mixed up his Chrises because he breaks the news to actor Chris Pine that he won’t be playing Indiana Jones. “This is a hell of a way to tell Chris Pine this,” Ford said. “I’m sorry, man.”

When Shia LaBeouf was cast in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, many believed that Shia would take over as Indiana Jones for Ford when he hung up his iconic bullwhip and fedora.

“What are you talking about? It’s mine,” Ford told Time in 2010. “I would love to do another Indiana Jones movie. George Lucas is working on an idea now. Shia can get his own hat. I earned that hat.”


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