Fantasy Football Owners Flip Out After Broncos’ RB Phillip Lindsay Gets Ejected For Throwing Punches In Pile-Up

Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay was ejected from today’s game against the Ravens for throwing several punches after a fumble.

Watch as Lindsay for whatever reason starts throwing punches at someone’s back during this pile-up

It’s tough to see why Lindsay was ejected but fantasy football owners who picked up Lindsay were angry that he got kicked out.


— Bombayjaay (@ifcktwittasluts) September 23, 2018

Started Phillip Lindsay over Adrian Peterson.

— Bootleg Fantasy Football (@BootlegFantasy) September 23, 2018

@I_CU_boy THANKS FOR GETTING KICKED OUT OF THE GAME and screwing up my fantasy team for this week. Use your brain next time.

— shane detert (@TFG11984) September 23, 2018

1/12 of your fantasy league when seeing Phillip Lindsay was ejected
1/12 of your fantasy league when seeing Phillip Lindsay was ejected

— Sporting News (@sportingnews) September 23, 2018

Currently me with Phillip Lindsay on three of my fantasy teams

— jon (@jhumps__) September 23, 2018

Thanks, Phillip Lindsay, for deciding to jump on a pile and throw a few punches, getting yourself kicked out in the process, and ensuring that I will have a hole in my fantasy roster for the second half of your game today. #FantasyFootball

— George Mariños (@george_marinos) September 23, 2018

Picked up Phillip Lindsay, he’s put up some decent numbers so I started him at flex… ejected for throwing a punch in the first half 🤦🏻‍♂️ my fantasy day

— Scott Lewis (@S_Lewis10) September 23, 2018

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