Eating Junk Food Isn’t Just Making You Heavy – It Could Be Screwing With Your Ability To Procreate

This means if the old lady has been on you lately about getting her pregnant, it might be time to trade in the grease and high calories on a diet that is more conducive to producing athletic swimmers.

Because those bogged down by the sludge of pseudo-sustenance might have trouble going the distance.

So, yes, it would seem that eating like a teenager that has been left alone for the weekend can have an effect on sperm production.

But contrary to what the study says about the situation being irreversible, some experts say this may not be true.

The implication in the study is that this western diet has the power to kill Sertoli cells (they help to keep sperm happy, healthy and horny), but without them, or so it is suggested, men simply cannot get their spunk back to optimal levels.

But this is probably complete and utter bullshit, some urologists assert.

“That’s something that you can’t tell unless you’re looking at testicular tissue from a testicular biopsy,” Dr. Bobby Najari told Men’s Health. “Concern about the health of Sertoli cells is taking this data a step too far.”

It is important to understand that just because your diet sucks a big one doesn’t mean you’re going to have trouble getting a girl pregnant.

Just take a look around out there at all of the fat slobs with kids, and it is readily apparent that junk food has not hindered the populating of the Earth.

So, be advised, don’t go using your affinity for cheeseburgers and mounds of fries as an alternative to birth control.

This meatheaded notion will only ensure that you end up on a steady diet of ramen noodles once your entire month’s wages start going to pay child support.

But for those men having some difficulty cracking a few eggs, so to speak, medical experts say one of the first things to change is your diet.

Now, it could take some time before you’re shooting uterus crushers – after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day – but your balls should eventually recover from their dietary dump and they will learn to swim again.

[via Men’s Health]


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