Danny Amendola And Olivia Culpo Are Back Together (Again), Living It Up On The Beach In Mexico

wow. just wow. pic.twitter.com/647isXaAN1

— brianna pirre (@bsp_13) February 16, 2019

Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo Continue Their Mexican Vacation #nfl #nfltwitter https://t.co/conh1T5SYh pic.twitter.com/vZfO5ZMISv

— SportsGossip.com (@sportsgossip) February 16, 2019

Of course, because many of us live vicariously through others, like Amendola, people had thoughts…

Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola being back together is very interesting

— Danielle (@bradytoedelman) February 16, 2019

Making @DannyAmendola my wallpaper was a great idea, but I think he’s back with Olivia Culpo and not me. It’s fine, this is fine. I’m fine.

— Megan (@meganambeer) February 18, 2019

Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola are back together and idk how to feel

— ingrid t. (@ingi_poo) February 16, 2019

Like are you TRYING to kill me !!?? @oliviaculpo @DannyAmendola pic.twitter.com/LSb87LYIWl

— Sammy J (@__samj) February 16, 2019

Can @DannyAmendola just propose to @oliviaculpo while they are on vacation in Mexico already?

— Jillmarie Gendreau (@jillyy_beanz) February 16, 2019

.@DannyAmendola posted an Instagram story with @oliviaculpo . He’s definitely coming back to New England. pic.twitter.com/0g61U9zwrr

— Erica Ponte (@EricaPonte_) February 16, 2019

I am so invested in the Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo reconciliation I don’t think my heart can take another split

— Kaylee🙃 (@HeyKayClem) February 16, 2019

When Olivia Culpo starts following Danny Amendola on IG… pic.twitter.com/GudHcrseXd

— Kelly Sargent (@mrskellysargent) February 16, 2019

I feel you, Kelly. I feel you. This is the same couple that broke up last March, were back together and “better than ever” in October, and then broke up again last November.

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Officially on VACA MODE 🌴

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I hate them both.

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