College Students Can’t Send In Their Absentee Ballot Because They Don’t Know How To Get Stamps

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost, unless you can’t find a stamp to vote,” President John Quincy Adams probably.

STUDY: Millennials won’t vote because they don’t know where to get a stamp for their mail-in absentee ballot… @CoriC_FOX5DC is looking into that ‘study’ from a Fairfax County focus group. @fox5dc

— Van Applegate (@vbagate) September 20, 2018

“They all agreed that they knew lots of people who did not send in their ballots because it was too much of a hassle or they didn’t know where to get a stamp,” Connors revealed. This sounds more like laziness rather than a lack of know-how to get a stamp. While some may want to blame millennials for a lack of stamp knowledge, those cited were college students which would be millennials as well as Generation Z.

Many places have prepaid postage on the ballots, but the postage is not paid everywhere. There is extra attention on voting this year with the upcoming consequential midterm elections only 46 days away.

There’s even a website dedicated to informing the public where they can purchase stamps, including post offices, retail stores, gas stations, and even Amazon. This boggles the mind because if you’ve listened to any podcast in the last five years you are sure to have been bombarded with ads for


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