College Football Fans Get Triggered Again As ESPN Ranks The 50 Greatest Programs Of All-Time

No matter how big or small, these programs have been the pillars of college football for the last 150 years.

Where does your team rank? ➡

— ESPN College Football (@ESPNCFB) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB I’m just here to see people getting triggered

Cade Caughman (@cade_12_) August 15, 2019


@ESPNCFB Lol Yale and North Dakota State… seriously??

College Football “Quotes” (@cfbquotes) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB Anyone outside of Michigan as number 1 is a joke. Top in wins and win percentage. Let’s not start talking……

Jeremy Thomas (@Instynct02) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB Georgia?

Batt Maker (@lbonna04) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB Ole miss not mentioned is laughable

Blair Baker (@RealBlairBaker) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB Do you not know Oklahoma is the winningest program since WWII? Who ever did this didn’t do their homework & is under 40yr old.

Dave (@jdavebrinkley) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB Poor Aggies

Hook’em (@Texas19771) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB LSU deserves to be in the top 10

Zack Klemmer(Teddy B SZN) (@zakklemmerrr) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB Is this a joke? Has there been a more consistently dominant program academically and athletically than @PennStateFball ?

Put a PSU Logo at Midfield 2019 (@kylebeni012) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB I couldn’t help but notice that there was no mention of Ron Zook and the Illini. I take it that they came in at 51.

Mike Tauchjim (@Jimsus_Code) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB Notre Dame, Texas and Michigan have combined for 3 national titles in the Past 40 seasons. Miami, FSU, Florida have 11

jason black (@jblack8509) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB USC should be above Ohio State

Stefan Long (@Californianinja) August 15, 2019

@ESPNCFB Okay give me nebraskas all time team and put them against anyone i guarantee they will win.

Klondike (@LoganBopp1) August 15, 2019

Nicely done, ESPN.

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