Chance The Rapper Proclaims That He Is A Top-4 Rapper Of All-Time

If ya list ain’t handwritten it don’t count… #TheRealTop50

(*) could be ranked higher

— El Viejo Ebro (@oldmanebro) August 6, 2019

Chance then declared that not only is he in the top 50, but he’s at least a top-four rapper of all-time, “N***a, I’m top five. And I’m definitely not five.” It’s good to have self-confidence, but Chance saying he is one of the four best rappers ever is outlandish. Did Chance bump his head?

“Just know I looked at your list and I was like, ‘Man, all these people are hating on it I’m sure he has me on it why would they hate?’ I didn’t know that you didn’t put me on there and there’s why everybody was hating on it,” Chance the Rapper said of Ebro’s top-50 list.

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