Carve Out A Career In Data Science By Mastering Tableau 10

The average business generates so much data that it’s impossible to sift through everything without assistance. Tableau takes care of this for you by distilling mounds of scattered information into clear and focused insights, and you can learn how to master it with The Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle. Buy it now: $19 (normally $623.96, or 96% off)

This five-course bundle will teach you how to create powerful visualizations and guide your business with solid, accessible answers. You’ll also learn how to create gripping dashboards and story points so you can communicate your insights to other viewers. It includes multiple data sets to practice on so you can become a bona fide Tableau analyst.

  • Discover how to visualize information w/ unique charts & graphs
  • Learn from easy-to-follow examples & cover basic and advanced use-case scenarios
  • Understand how to create a KPI text table, waterfall chart, population pyramid & more
  • Go from beginner to expert w/ creating real-world data visualizations
  • Practice your Tableau skills w/ downloadable practice data sets
  • Represent data w/ bar & line charts, maps, and more

Buy it today: $19 (normally $623.96, or 96% off)

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