Bronny James Tore Up His 16U Nike EYBL Debut, Which Included Coach K Keeping A Close Eye On The Teenager

Bronny Jr., LeBron James' son, had a big debut in front of Mike Krzyzewski at Nike's 16U EYBL

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Bronny James, LeBron James’ son, may still only be 14 years old, but the kid has gotten attention from people all over the Internet over the past few years because of his hoops skills thanks to this famous last name. While his dad was hyped as the “next big thing” as a 16-year-old sophomore way back when, Bronny’s been able to steal all that knowledge and physical gifts from his pops, making him one of the most anticipated college hoops recruits ever.

Making his debut at the 16U Nike EYBL this week playing for Team Strive For Greatness, Bronny James showed why so many college coaches are salivating at the chance to sit down with him in the next few years to try and convince LeBron’s first born that their program is the one for him. Just looking at some of the highlights Bronny had from the EYBL shows why that is, the kid’s a beast.

Bronny James was too smooth in his EYBL debut 💥

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) May 2, 2019

While Bronny Jams is, arguably, going to be the top recruit in the class of 2023, one guy who has already started to try and sell himself and his program is Duke Blue Devils legendary head coach Mike Krzyzewski, who was in attendance to see Bronny ball the hell out at the 16U Nike EYBL this week.

Coach K just pulled up to watch Bronny James 🤩

— Overtime (@overtime) April 27, 2019

Considering LeBron James has played for Coach K while the coach was an assistant for Team USA, it seems like Duke might have a pretty solid chance at scooping up Bronny on the recruiting trail in a couple of years. Plus, considering Bronny James has been spotted wearing Duke gear within the past year, Cameron Crazies have to be pumped about the possibility.

DUKE! 🏀🔥

— Bronny James Jr. (@BronnyJamesJr) November 14, 2018

NCAA rules prohibit college programs from official giving written offers to players until they’re in high school, so with Bronny James currently still an eighth-grader, Coach K can’t quite pounce to recruit him yet. With the NBA looking at, potentially, getting rid of the one-and-done rule it currently has in place, there’s no telling if Bronny will even go to college. But, whatever the teen decides to do in a few years, LeBron’s cool with his decision.


“My kid has his own personality, he has his own DNA. We share the same name but he has his own path,” LeBron said in an interview with ESPN. “The only thing I can do is give [him] the blueprint, and it’s up to him to take his own course whenever that time comes.”

Man, Bronny James looks like he’s the second-coming of LeBron, so college (and NBA) coaches better start lining up to try and get his attention.

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