Blake Griffin Reportedly Ran Away From Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Before Today’s Pistons-Clippers Game At Staples Center

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Blake Griffin appears to still be salty that the Clippers traded him to the Pistons last season.

Before Griffin’s first game back at the Staples Center since the trade, Clippers owner and former Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer apparently tried to shake hands with Griffin after warmups but Blake decided to ignore Ballmer and immediately ran into the locker room.

As Blake finished his warmup, Steve Ballmer was on the sideline watching and waiting. When Ballmer saw Griffin finish, he started walking towards him. Blake saw Ballmer and sped up, running away to the Pistons locker room as Ballmer yelled “Blake! Blake!” with his hand out.

— Jovan Buha (@jovanbuha) January 12, 2019

Update: Here’s the video of Blake running away.

Blake is truly a Piston now. #DetroitVsEverybody

— FOX Sports Detroit (@FOXSportsDet) January 12, 2019

Of course the Internet had plenty of Microsoft puns for awkward encounter between Blake and Ballmer.

Didn’t realize things had gotten so clippy between them.

— Adam Mares (@Adam_Mares) January 12, 2019

Blake just zuned right by him huh

— Fastbreak Breakfast (@fastbreakbreak) January 12, 2019

pretty (micro)soft of Ballmer to run after him like that imo

— Anthony F. Irwin (@AnthonyIrwinLA) January 12, 2019

You’d think both guys would like to see the other Excel

— Keith Mullett (@KeithMullett) January 12, 2019

Offers us a Window into their relationship

— Nick Lewis (@NickLewis9) January 12, 2019


— Amin L. Hassan (@DetroitYoungGun) January 12, 2019

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