Arnold Schwarzenegger Went ‘Undercover’ Disguised As A Used Car Salesman And The Reactions Were Priceless

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LINK IN MY BIO! ‪I’m back… as Howard Kleiner. This time I went undercover as a used car salesman to help non-profit @electricforall share the benefits of electric cars… by selling the opposite.‬

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“Let me tell you something. The pump is sometimes more satisfying than sex,” he tells a couple, referring to the gas pump, of course.


Of course it wouldn’t be an Arnold Schwarzenegger video without at least one, “I’ll be back.”


A few people knew right away that it was Arnold, but their reactions might have been even better than those who had no clue and started to get a little upset.

Then again, the people who knew it was Schwarzenegger didn’t get the chance to meet Harry the Sales Manager.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Undercover Disguised As A Used Car Salesman

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Spoiler: Harry the Sales Manager didn’t help.

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