Apex Legends’ First Easter Egg Has Players Stumped



Apex Legends is the latest game from Titanfall creators Respawn Entertainment, and despite having only been around for a little over a week, the Easter egg hunting is already in full swing. 

It didn’t take long for players to discover one particular long running Respawn Easter egg in the form of Nessie. The adorable dino popped up in Titanfall and Titanfall 2, and she’s made a return for Apex Legends.


In the free to play battle royale, you can actually find a Nessie plush pretty early on, in the game’s training area. Just head East from the main area to the very back of the map, jump the metal wall on the right, and go all the way down to the edge of the training area.

From there just follow the path along to a small crevice between the fence and the rocks to come face to face with little green Nessie toy hidden away in the corner.

But this is where it gets interesting, as it seems there might be more to the Nessie Easter egg in Apex Legends than a simple plush toy. Over on the Apex Legends Subreddit, KFranssens10 posted an image of his killfeed with the message “A Nessy Appears.”

No one seems entirely sure what this could mean, but a Respawn Community Manager took to the thread to tease that KFranssens10 was “onto something”, suggesting that something far greater is on the horizon.


The community has now banded together to attempt to discover the truth behind Nessie in Apex Legends. It’ll probably only take ’em a few hours, what with Reddit being Reddit and all.

Currently the main plans of action seem to involve searching all bodies of waters much more closely, and shooting every Nessie they can find. If you fancy joining the hunt, get involved here.

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