Antonio Brown Will Wear New Custom Helmet After Getting Lucrative Endorsement Deal Offers From Helmet Companies

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The Antonio Brown helmet saga appears to be over.

Earlier this month the mercurial wide receiver threatened to retire after the NFL wouldn’t allow him to wear the same helmet he was worn throughout his career.


Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has filed a grievance against the NFL to be allowed to wear the helmet he prefers, not one of the helmets that league rules mandate, league sources told ESPN on Friday.

Brown is expected to have a hearing about the helmet as early as next week, and an arbitrator will decide whether he gets to wear the one he wants.

Long-standing NFL rules requiring players to wear certified helmets say he can’t. The helmet that Brown is comfortable in and has worn throughout his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers — believed to be the Schutt Air Advantage helmet, which the company has discontinued making — is no longer certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

Today, it was announced that Brown lost his second grievance against the league over the helmet issue.

Source: #Raiders WR Antonio Brown has lost his grievance for his helmet. Again.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) August 25, 2019

No further proceedings are expected, I’m told. So Brown should wear the new helmet and we all can move on (hopefully).

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) August 25, 2019

Brown has reportedly accepted the arbitrator’s decision and will choose a new helmet to wear next season. Apparently, Brown has helmet companies bidding for the opportunity to have him wear their helmet.

Per source, Antonio Brown is close to picking a new helmet, and his decision will include a custom-made model and an endorsement deal. So, silver lining.

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) August 25, 2019

Via Pro Football Talk

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the “neutral, independent arbitrator” has found that Brown must find a new helmet model, and that he can not wear the Schutt AiR Advantage. It’s the second time Brown has lost a helmet grievance in less than two weeks.

Brown will accept the decision and move forward in a new helmet. He has narrowed his options, after hearing from multiple companies that wanted to customize a helmet, and that want to pay him to wear it. Thus, on top of the $30 million he’ll make over the next two seasons with the Raiders, he’ll get something more from a helmet manufacturer.

Antonio Brown had a tantrum and walked out on the Steelers and got rewarded with more guaranteed money from Oakland.

He then had a tantrum and refused to practice in Oakland and got rewarded with an endorsement deal.

Life in 2019.

— Arash Madani (@ArashMadani) August 25, 2019

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