A Majority Of Americans Say They Have Given Personal Information To A Website They Don’t Trust

But it gets even crazier — according to the survey, the average American doesn’t even feel fully comfortable sharing their full name with a partner until three months into the relationship. Perhaps even more unusual, respondents said they would rather share their social security number than their Netflix password if they have been dating for less than half a year.

“Sixty-five percent of consumers would be less likely to shop with a merchant again if their data was breached,” continued Reitblat. “That means that a single breach could put merchants at serious monetary risk. E-commerce companies must put preventative measures in place to ensure that their accounts aren’t being compromised, and the plethora of information their customers are willing to share remains safe.”

• Full Name: 3 months
• Birthday: 4 months
• Address: 4 months
• Name of first pet: 5 months
• Name of first teacher: 5 months
• Street you grew up on: 5 months
• Politics: 5 months
• Netflix password: 6 months
• Medical history: 7 months
• Mother’s maiden name: 7 months
• Financial situation: 8 months
• Credit card number: 10 months

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