38-Year-Old Mother Of 4 And Pizzeria Owner Are The Latest American Tourists To Die In The Dominican Republic

“You go on vacation and you think everything is going to be good,” Johnson said. “And you check out, and everything just goes awry. We were in shock from then until we saw other cases and we thought, ‘Something is not right.’”

Because of the recent headlines about the resort deaths in the Dominican Republic, the family of Donnette Cannon got suspicious of her death.

Donnette’s family knew that she had diabetes and she underwent dialysis treatment in the past, but Johnson claims her sister’s condition was under control.

“They did the autopsy, they said it was renal failure,” said Johnson. Renal failure is kidney failure.

“We were OK with that until we started to see these stories come up, And we were kind of thinking, ‘What made her sick?’”

For some reason, it took a month for Donette’s family to get her body back to the United States, which cost $1,000. To make matters worse, the hotel charged the family $200 for an extra night’s stay.

“Sunscape takes the safety and security of every guest seriously,” the resort’s former parent company said in a statement Friday.

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Other American tourists who have died while vacationing in the Dominican Republic since last June include Chris Palmer (41), Susan Simoneaux (59), Barbara Diane Maser-Mitchell (69), Yvette Monique Sport (51), David Harrison (45), Robert Bell (67), Miranda Schaup-Werner (41), Cynthia Day (49), Edward Holmes (63),Leyla Cox (53), Jerry Curran (78), Joseph Allen (55), Mark Hurlbut Sr. (62) who had green foam coming from his mouth when he died.

John Corcoran, the 64-year-old brother of Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran. Corcoran’s death is not believed to be related to the other deaths because he was not staying at a resort and had a history of heart issues.

Alabama high school teacher Alicia Renette Williams died on June 2 in the Dominican Republic. The 45-year-old mother and ninth-grade teacher died from complications following cosmetic surgery. Williams suffered from blood clots and died five days after her deadly elective procedure.

You can read more news about the developments in the Dominican Republic HERE.

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