10 Of The Most Common Nightmares, Including Being Naked In Public, And What They Really Mean

So with that in mind, the folks over at Alltime10s put together a little video which explains the real meanings of 10 of the most common nightmares.

The nightmare topics they cover include…

• Being naked in public
• The end of the world
• The feeling of falling
• Robbery-related dreams
• Not being able to find a toilet
• Kidnapping
• Being chased
• Being unprepared for an exam
• Your teeth falling out
• Murder

How many of those have you experienced? Chances are you’ve dreamed about at least a couple of them. The good news is, like I said, most of the time the subjects of these nightmares are not to be taken literally.

Watch the video below for a complete explanation of each type of nightmare.

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