Zendaya Says She Wants To Be Like Oprah


Leave it to Zendaya to pick the best celebrity role model.

In the newest installment of Vanity Fair’s iconic “128 Seconds” interviews or Vanities as they call it, the 20-year-old singer talked all about her role model… Oprah.

Really, who doesn’t look up to Oprah? She’s fabulous, SO successful and very empowering. What’s not to love?

In the interview, the Disney Channel star explained why Oprah is the person she wants to become when she’s older and it’s such a good reason.

“The ultimate goal in life is to be like Oprah,” she told Vanity Fair. “Sometimes I call myself Zoprah.”

Zoprah is an awesome nickname, we love it. Even though being yourself is definitely good enough in this world, being Oprah wouldn’t be a bad call either.

“I want to sit down and talk to her in a forest, because she has a forest where she talks to people… because she’s Oprah,” Zendaya added.

Talking in a forest with the TV mogul sounds like a dream come true. Plus, Zendaya is already a triple threat in Hollywood, so they are similar in that aspect. She can sing, dance, act, she writes books, oh, okay so she’s more than a triple threat… even better.

Becoming the next Oprah, or Zoprah is a pretty lofty goal, but if anyone can do it it’s Zendaya. You go girl!

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