Woman Sentenced in Sex Assault of 13 Year Old Boy


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — A dramatic scene unfolded in a Nebraska courtroom Wednesday as a woman convicted of sexually assaulting a boy learned her fate. As WOWT 6 News first reported, the victim became a father at just 13-years old.

The victim listened as the woman who sexually assaulted him pled to the judge to give her probation, not prison. Brianne McIntosh told the judge, “I take full responsibility for what ever did happen. I just want the family to know I am sorry for everything. But I guess I would like a chance to prove myself.”

Brianne McIntosh was 19 years old and Josh just 13 years old when she enticed him with alcohol during a sleepover at a neighbor’s house where she was staying.

During sentencing Dodge County District Court Judge Jeffery Hall told McIntosh, “This was not a case akin to young love or Romeo and Juliet. This is a case of statutory rape. I see a lack of personal insight and awareness as to the harm and damage you caused to this young boy and his family.”

Josh became a dad at 13 and his son is now a ward of the state. The child was placed with Josh’s mother.

Josh told Six On Your Side, “It’s taken my childhood away. I haven’t gotten the chance to live a normal teen, a normal childhood because she robbed it from me.”

A crime Judge Hall said requires more punishment than probation.

“You knew the victim was 13 years of age and you were an adult,” Judge Jeffery Hall told McIntosh.

McIntosh was sentenced to three year prison sentences on two counts – to be served concurrently. She was given credit for time already served in jail.

Prosecutor Oliver Glass told the victim’s family that means McIntosh will serve roughly one year, four months and a few days. But part of the sentence could be for life; the judge ordered the now 21-year-old McIntosh to register as a sex offender.

After she serves her sentence in the women’s prison in York, Nebraska, McIntosh will be on probation for 18 months.

Dodge County Attorney Oliver Glass says the sentence given McIntosh is not that different from male defendants he’s prosecuted for similar crimes. However, he adds, that the time behind bars is on the light end of what she could have received.

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