Wisconsin Man Uses a Stun Gun on a Woman, Forces Her to Perform Oral Sex, Then Locks Her in a Wooden Box

A Wisconsin man has been arrested and charged after using a stun gun on a woman, forcing her to perform oral sex on him, then locking her inside of wooden box that he screwed shut.

Authorities allege that 54-year-old Allen Jamroz kidnapped the woman on December 28th, took her to his home, and kept her for roughly a day.

The woman, whose age hasn’t been released, had gone to his home to visit his granddaughter, but she wasn’t home. He then asked the woman for help on a remodeling project in his basement. Once there, he used what authorities described as a homemade stun gun on her, then wrestled her to the ground.

He then bound her with duct tape and told her to get on the floor, before telling her that he was going to have sex with her. He took her cellphone away and put her in the wooden box, which he held shut using screws driven by a power screwdriver.

She then passed out “for an unknown period of time.” When she awoke, she “used the strength in her legs to break the duct tape securing her knees” and chewed through the twine/tape combination he’d put around her wrists. She then used a nail she’d found during the struggle and hidden in her sweatshirt sleeve to cut the tape around her ankles.

Jamroz was no longer in the room when she then rolled on her stomach and used her back to break the box open. She used a nearby hammer to pry open the basement’s door, which he’d padlocked.

She then walked to find help.

He was arrested the next day and is now being held on $30,000 bail.

He’s been charged with felony kidnapping, sexual assault, false imprisonment, and battery.


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