West Virginia Mother Busted for Killing Her Sons by Setting Their Beds on Fire

A mother in Falling Waters, West Virginia has been arrested and charged for the murders of her two young sons as their father slept. She chose setting their beds on fire as her method.

29-year-old Molly Joe Delgado stands accused of locking her husband and kids family inside their mobile home on January 24th and leaving with the key after starting the blaze. She then headed across the street to her mother’s home.

Her husband, identified as Justin Delgado Sr., was asleep on the opposite side of the home and awoke due to the smoke. Unable to get to the kids’ bedroom on the other end of the house, he tried to get out of the house, but had been locked inside. He pried open a kitchen window, one too small for him to escape through, and called for help.

Three-year-old Delmer Delgado and five-year-old Justin Delgado Jr. were pronounced dead at the scene. Justin Delgado Sr. was treated for smoke inhalation and released.

Mrs. Delgado was arrested Wednesday, six weeks after the deaths of her two boys, after she confessed to the arson she’d committed, according to Assistant State Fire Marshal George Harms.

She’s being held in the Eastern Regional Jail on two counts of first-degree murder and one count of first-degree arson.


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