Watch Melissa McCarthy And Adam Sandler Hilariously Audition To Play Han Solo In ‘Star Wars’


Alden Ehrenreich has some serious celebrity competition for his newly won role of young Han Solo.

A slew of Hollywood’s biggest stars auditioned to portray the brash pilot during a recent episode of Conan, and the result was pure comedy gold.

Celebs including Will Arnett, Jodie Foster, 50 Cent, and Bill “No Notes” Hader (who did a spot on impersonation of young Jabba the Hutt) took a crack at playing Chewbacca’s partner in crime, but it was Melissa McCarthy who provided one of the most memorable auditions by confusing Star Wars with Harry Potter.

“I’ve seen a good portion of one of them,” McCarthy replied when asked if she’s ever seen Star Wars. “With… the small wizard boy and the school… in the hills.”

McCarthy’s audition only went downhill from there. After insisting that her version of Han Solo uses a lightsaber, McCarthy channeled her character from The Heat by destroying the set.


Another A-lister who threw his hat in the ring to play young Han Solo was Adam Sandler, whose jibber jabber-laden audition was very reminiscent of his cult character Billy Madison. Instead of arguing about shampoo and conditioner, however, Sandler was pretending to pilot the famed Millennium Falcon and stammering his way through iconic Star Wars lines like “Never tell me the odds.”

(H/T Us Weekly)

What do you think? Whose young Han Solo audition was your favorite?

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