WATCH: Mad Genius Sneaks Backstage Of Mayweather Vs McGregor Press Conference With Fake Passes

Instagram Photo

Working his Photoshop magic Zac was able to create his own backstage passes to the press conference in a jiffy. He travels to London and finds a group of VIPs to sneak in with and VOILA! Zac Alsop is in the building.

He sees President of the UFC Dana White, he then makes his way to ringside. But that wasn’t enough for Zac. He then set his sights on walking out with Connor McGregor’s team. Would his passes be enough? He wisely follows two McGregor cameramen and makes his way to the bowels of Wembley Arena. Next thing you see is Connor Fucking McGregor! He DID IT! Not only did he get backstage with Connor, but he walked out with McGregor and his team at the press conference! Absolute legend.

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