Watch James Corden ‘Waste’ His Talents As Matt Damon’s ‘Jason Bourne’ Stunt Double


It’s the part James Corden was Bourne to play!

When the late night funnyman dropped by the set of Jason Bourne to visit his “identical brother from another mother” Matt “Matty D” Damon, he was expecting to act alongside the action star. Damon, however, had another idea.

“Well, I was walking past a Cinnabon and James came running out hysterically shouting about me coming back on his show,” Damon explained, “which I don’t even like doing because all he really talks about is how much we look alike, which is embarrassing, but it gave me an idea.”

Wanting to take advantage of their supposed physical similarities as well as Corden’s “extremely punchable face,” Damon hatched a plan to make the late night host his stunt double on Jason Bourne.

“I wouldn’t say I’m angry at Matt, but I do think I’ve been misled as to my specific role in the film,” Corden said after getting punched in the face but before being struck by a train. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be involved, but I just think this is a waste of my talents.”



“Stuntman gets hit by train. Take one.”

Fans were apparently happy to see Damon return to play his iconic action hero character as Jason Bourne came in number one at the box office last weekend, earning an estimated $59.2 million.

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