Watch Cameron Dallas Thank Fans After Winning Favorite Social Media Star At People’s Choice Awards 2017


Fans hoping to chase down a win for social media influencer Cameron Dallas can now rest easy. The 22-year-old Chasing Cameron star has officially been crowned Favorite Social Media Star at People’s Choice Awards 2017!

We let Dallas in on his big win of the night during People’s Choice Awards 2017’s official red carpet show with CBS on Facebook. For his part, Dallas was excited to hear he’d won and took a moment to thank the fans for all of their continued support.

“Thank you so much!” said Dallas, who was shocked to discover he’d won. “Thank you guys so much — I know a lot of you guys took so much of your time to vote for me. Thank you, I love you.”

This year marks Dallas’ second nomination and first win in the Favorite Social Media Star category and given his continued success, it’s not hard to see why fans across the world were able to help secure him the title this year.

With a hit reality series out on Netflix now, and over 36 million combined social media followers, we’ve got a feeling that there’s a good chance Dallas will be back at next year’s People’s Choice Awards to defend his title!

Congrats to Cameron Dallas for being crowned this year’s Favorite Social Media Star at People’s Choice Awards 2017!

Check out the full list of People’s Choice Awards 2017 winners here, and be sure to let us know what you thought of the show in the comments!

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