Watch Bruce Wayne Finally Transform Into Batman In First ‘Gotham’ Season 6B Trailer


Gotham’s midseason premiere is almost here, and it’s going to be dark and twisted. On Thursday, FOX released its first trailer for the second half of season 3 and it’s all about the fate of the city and the rise of a new hero.

The last time we checked in on Gotham, a lot had happened. Selina fell out of a tall building, Ed shot Oswald (aka Penguin) and Bruce vowed not to kill Jerome and sink to his level. There was city-wide blackout, a crazy circus, and the Court of Owls revealed that Jim Gordon’s uncle works for them.

Plus, the Court of Owls looked as though they were ready to use Bruce’s doppelgänger for whatever twisted plan they have in store for Gotham!

Now, onto the new teaser, which is also a little dark and twisted, but also gives us hope for Bruce Wayne’s future as a hero.

The teaser begins with Ed asking, “Who controls Gotham?” which is a really good question.

Next we see all of the images of bad things that are happening in the city. We see Selina on the floor — fingers crossed she’s not dead — and the shooting of Oswald from the first half of the season.

Then comes the Court of Owls wearing their creepy masks. “Judgement is imminent,” the head of the council says.



There are also glimpses of the villains in Arkham, Jim Gordon trying to figure out what’s happening, and in a crazy turn of events, Lee (Jim’s ex) looks darker and villainous as she attacks Harvey.

Plus, Fish Mooney is back and we cannot wait to see what’s she’s up to. Oh, and there is the small detail of Bruce’s transformation into Batman beginning.

“Out of the ashes, a dark hero will rise,” a haunting voice says. We then get a quick peak at Bruce’s training and killer fighting moves.

It ends with Bruce — or at least it looks like Bruce (it could be the doppelgänger) — giving a serious smirk to the camera. It’s so chilling and makes us very exciting about what’s to come.

Gotham returns to FOX on Monday, April 24 at 8 p.m.

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