Watch Anna Kendrick Try To Convince Ben Affleck To Cast Her As Robin In His Standalone ‘Batman’ Movie


Anna Kendrick can sing, dance and voice an adorable troll, but now she wants in on the action – action movies that is. Kendrick just revealed that she wants to play Robin, but there is one thing standing in her way… Ben Affleck!

During an interview with MTV News for its “After Hours” special, Kendrick talked all about her desire to be Robin, but Affleck supposedly doesn’t need a Robin in his upcoming film, The Batman, and he wasn’t afraid to shoot down Kendrick’s action-movie aspirations.

While discussing The Accountant, which stars both Kendrick and Affleck, the 31-year-old actress took any, and all, possible moments she could to steer the attention to her acting abilities and skills that would make her a perfect superhero, but it didn’t work. “Check out these guns, I call this one pitch, and call this one perfect,” she said pointing at her arm muscles during the interview.



“I would crush it in an action movie,” she added. “I’m sure you would,” Affleck responded.

Affleck then started to talk about other projects he’s working on including Justice League, but he was quickly interrupted by his co-star. “Can I just say, what has two thumbs and loves superhero movies? This guy… love it. Love them,” the Pitch Perfect actress said pointing to herself.

When the show’s host, Josh Horowitz, asked what Kendrick was up to next, she dropped a few more hints for Affleck. “I don’t know. A big hole in the Kendrick schedule. I just wish I knew someone who was directing an action movie and could cast little ole me,” she said slyly.

Affleck then began to talk about the plan to make The Batman movie and all of a sudden Kendrick was wearing a Robin costume, complete with mask and cape and it was awesome. “Holy coincidence Batman, any room for a plucky sidekick?” she asked while posing next to Affleck.

The 44-year-old actor, quickly shot down that idea, claiming he doesn’t even know if they are going to have a Robin in the movie. Kendrick however didn’t take no for an answer and instead suggested that she play Batman, which obviously can’t happen, because Affleck plays Batman— it’s his thing.

“You are dream killers!” Kendrick said before Affleck switched the subject.

Poor Anna, you are a superhero to us!

The Accountant hits theaters October 14

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