Washington Man Strangled His Grandmother to Death Because He Got Tired of Her Nagging

A Washington man had a petty motive for the unspeakable act of killing his grandmother as she slept on March 6th.

27-year-old Benjamin W. Walker turned himself in at the Washougal Police Department and confessed to cops that he’d strangled 78-year-old Joan Walker, whose garage he lived in, because he was fed up with her nagging him about leaving lights on.

He’s thus far shown no remorse, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Abbie Bartlett told the court as she asked the judge to set his bail at $1 million. The judge agreed and did so.

Mr. Walker had gone to the cops at around 6 a.m. and made his confession. Officers went to the home and found her dead inside.

Two other residents were inside the house, but weren’t aware anything had even taken place, much less a murder.

He told investigators that he’d had just over a six-pack of beer late that night and into the next morning. He says he was upset with grandmother because she’d confronted him the prior night about leaving a light on. He claims she did this often, as well as getting onto him for showering too long.

He then walked into her bedroom, found her asleep, then jumped on top of her and started strangling her. He says she tried to fight back, but he was still able to overpower her.

He added that when she stopped moving, he went to the kitchen and got a knife and cut her throat to make sure she was dead.

He then left the knife next to her body, went to the bathroom to wash his hands, then headed to the police department.

He was charged with first-degree murder and was arraigned on March 10th.


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