Washington Man Accidentally Texts His Ex-Boss Instead of the Hit Man He Wanted to Hire to Kill His Wife and Daughter

A Washington man’s murder plot was foiled when he accidentally exposed his plan to the wrong person.

42-year-old Jeff Lytle meant to text a man named Shayne, who was a contract killer, to arrange the murder of his wife and four-year-old daughter for the $1.5 million life insurance payout it would bring. That was the plan.

The problem with that plan, however, was that he sent the text to his ex-boss instead. That boss, in turn, gave it to cops, who arrested him Wednesday.

The text he sent said, “Hey, Shayne. How’s it going? You remember you said that you would help me kill my wife? I’m going to take you up on that offer.”

He allegedly promised to split the insurance money with Shayne, and was trying to inform him of the time that his wife, identified as Rhoda Mee Funtanilla Lydle, usually returned home from work.

He’s said to have wanted their deaths to look like an accident or a robbery gone wrong.

When interviewed by cops, Mr. Lytle told them that his four-year-old daughter could have sent the messages.

When he did cop to sending them, he said that he was only sending them to “vent” and never intended to actually go through with it.

He’s being held in the Snohomish County jail on suspicion of criminal solicitation of first-degree murder.


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