Viola Davis’ Powerful Critic’s Choice Acceptance Speech Is Blowing Everyone Away


Sunday marked the 22nd Annual Critic’s Choice Awards and there were a lot of great moments. The best one, however, might be from Viola Davis.

The 51-year-old actress stole the show when she won not one, but two awards throughout the evening. Her first award was for Best Supporting Actress for her part in Fences and she looked stunning as she said thank you for the honor.

But it was her movie acceptance speech for the #SeeHer honor that left everyone in awe.

Amy Adams presented Davis with the coveted award and called her “transcendent” as an actress, which is pretty spot on.

“It’s hard to accept being a role model for women when you’re trying to lose weight,” Davis said after she took the stage.



“I’ve always discovered the heart of my characters by asking ‘why?’” she continued to say in her speech. She then got real about losing weight and changing herself for a role and then stopped and admitted that she focused on just being herself, noting that power as part of her success.

“I truly believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are,” Davis said. “And I just recently embraced that at 51.” Wow, Viola, we are so with you on this.

Davis is the first-ever recipient of the #SeeHer award, which was created from the #SeeHer ANA campaign, which works to eliminate bias against women in the world of media.

To hear Davis’s complete speech, full of girl power moments, watch it all above and be prepared to be inspired.

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