Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Her Favorite ‘High School Musical’ Memory With Ashley Tisdale


“What’s your favorite thing we’ve done together?” Tisdale asked Hudgens.

After laughing because of the broad nature of the question, Hudgens revealed her favorite moment is from their time on High School Musical. The Disney Channel movie is where they became so close, so this isn’t too surprising, but it is really cute.

“Probably just fly around the entire world with her,” Hudgens told E! News. “We were so young on our High School Musical press tour. Being in a G5, we were like, ‘I’m going to have a G5 one day and I’m going to cover it in Louis Vuitton print and it’s going to be gorgeous.’”

Flying around in a custom Louis Vuitton plane sounds like something Tisdale’s character Sharpay would’ve totally done, which makes us love this response even more!


High School Musical actresses clearly equals BFFs for life and we love it!

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