Tyra Banks Really Wants Lindsay Lohan To Return For ‘Life-Size 2’

While the Mean Girls star hasn’t said anything about signing on for Life-Size 2, Banks  made it clear in an interview with E! News that the door is open for Lohan to return.

“I would love for Lindsay to do something,” Banks told E! News. “Like, Lindsay, the last time I saw you was, I don’t know how many years ago—Every time I see her she gives me a hug like it was back in the day, like she’s 10 years old again—I would love for you to come back and do something for Life-Size, will you? Will you?”

There’s certainly time for Lohan to decide: Life-Size 2 doesn’t debut until December 2018. According to E! News, the second movie will follow Eve as she comes back to life to help a young woman work through her troubles.

How perfect would it be if that young woman was played by Lohan? Here’s hoping the actress accepts Banks’ invitation with a resounding “yes!”


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